Confirmation St Philip Neri Parish

The Holy SpiritIn this website we offer complete information about the preparation of Candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation at St Philip Neri Parish

Confirmation in a Roman Catholic Church is a Sacrament and a rite at which a baptized person affirms belief of the Christian & Roman Catholic church’s faith and is admitted as a full member of the Church

The Confirmation program at St Philip Neri Parish offers extended information so that candidates to receive their holy sacrament have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the Roman Catholic faith in order to make an educated decision before affirming their belief.

We prepare our candidates to learn receive and use the gifts from God through the Holy Spirit,

In our Confirmation sessions we encourage interaction among our candidates and support our teachings with modern technology in combination with traditional lectures, stories, plays, skids so that the candidate can relate the doctrines to our modern days.

During our Confirmation program candidates go through reconciliation so that their sins are forgiven and their souls remain at peace with God

Our team of catechists are prepared graduated teachers and professionals with a devoted Roman Catholic faith.

We include in our Confirmation program guest speakers that bring real life experiences of their faith to share so that our candidates enhance their understanding and relation between faith and life.

Besides the 8 sessions of one our each we offer a retreat day that is geared to deepen the candidates’ spirituality through inspiration and joy.

Due to the large number of candidates in our Confirmation program, we offer a special Mass service so that celebration of the reception of their Sacrament of Confirmation is in a comfortable religious ambiance and their guests can all enjoy a fulfilling and memorable Mass celebration thanking God for sending the Holy Spirit to give the gifts to our candidates.