Candidate & Sponsor Gathering

    Candidate & Sponsor GatheringWednesday January 22, 2014 7pm – 8:30 pm copy to my calendarThursday January 23, 2014 7pm – 8:30 pm copy to my calendarSt Philip Neri Church Hall # 1, 2100 Jane St. Toronto, On, M3M 1A1 (map)

    Candidates need to attend only one of the meetings, which ever one they like. 

    In the event that the sponsor is not available, a parent can attend on his/her behalf.

    The duration of the meeting is about two hours.

    Gathering with sponsors and candidates learn about: 
    • What is a Sponsor 
    • What does a Sponsor do 
    • We remind the documents to be presented 
    • We remind the dates of the confirmation and rules to follow

    Commitment of the Sponsor for Confirmation

                A confirmation sponsor is a witness to the commitment of the Confirmand is making to Christ. The sponsor presents the candidate to the Bishop and stands with him/her at the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In choosing a sponsor, the candidate for the reception of Confirmation must select a person with the characteristics listed below. These characteristics come from Canon Law of the Catholic Church.

    1. The sponsor may be a man or a woman, but not a parent.
    2. The sponsor should be at lest 16 years of age
    3. The sponsor must be confirmed, receiving the Eucharist, practicing his/her faith by attendance regularly at Sunday Mass, and leading a life in harmony with the Catholic faith.
    4. The sponsor is to willingly participate by being a person who exemplifies in faith and action a life that the candidate can follow as a example of a person journeying toward a closer relationship with the Lord, participates in the liturgies and some classes or service projects, discusses his faith with the candidate and will encourage the young candidate to live a Christian life after Confirmation.

    Understanding what "To lead" means:

    TO LEAD is: 
    To go before or with to show the way; conduct or escort.
    To conduct by holding and guiding.
    To influence or induce; cause.
    To guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.; bring: Sponsor, you can lead him/her around to your point of view if you are persistent.
    To serve to bring (a person) to place: 
    To take or bring: The candidates were led into the Church.
    To command or direct.
    To go at the head of or in advance of; proceed first in: Lead by example.


    Examples of some VALUES in the Catholic Faith when a Sponsor can lead.
    • Regular Mass attendance
    • Recognizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit
    • Right to life and dignity of a person
    • Call for family, community and participation
    • Option for the poor and vulnerable
    • Care for God's creation


    Message from our Pastor Fr. Paul Duplessie